As we enter the second lockdown, we will keep you updated on which stores are open and their opening times via our Facebook page. We are doing everything possible to reduce the risk of infection for our customers and colleagues, please see below for some of the extra measures we have introduced in the centre during this time to keep everyone safe.

We continue to closely follow the latest advice from the Government, which remains to be focused on hygiene and social distancing, staff have completed Covid-19 training courses online and are fully aware of the measures needed to prevent the spread of this virus.

Please be reassured that we are conducting additional deep cleaning of our facilities and all touch points such as handrails and lift buttons etc. Hand sanitising stations are being placed around the centre for customers and colleagues to use. Unfortunately, due to space restrictions it is not possible at the current time to open our public toilets as we could not provide adequate provision for social distancing. We are monitoring government advice and will keep you updated as to when the toilet facilities will be available.

We will monitor the amount of customers in the centre and if this exceeds the safe limit, we may need to ask you to wait at one of the entrances when you arrive to reduce the number of people in-the centre.

Once in the centre please follow the directional floor marking and distancing guides to create a safe flow of movement around the centre, especially when using lifts or escalators these will help you to keep a safe distance from others.

Some stores may need to restrict the number of customers entering the stores, again floor markings will help you to keep a safe distance from others whilst queueing for these stores and colleagues will be available to assist where necessary. Individual store will have clear signage displayed showing the steps taken by them to keep everyone safe within their store.

Please shop sensitively and respectfully and be kind to our colleagues, as they are all working hard to serve you; we are all in this together.