About Us

These are exciting times for us, and The Marlands. We are proud to be part of such an important destination. We are committed to improving the centre and building on the fabulous reputation it has already earned.

We will be introducing some new and exciting retail brands; addingto the fashion, grooming, leisure, food and restaurant offerings,whilst also improving the overall layout to make your visit more inspiring. 

Our other commitment will be to support the local communityof Southampton.

If you want our support, or have suggestions and ideas for thingsyou feel could be improved, please contact us.


  • To improve your shopping experience
  • To make your stay more enjoyable
  • To constantly update, add variety and improve retailers
  • To be clean and tidy at all times
  • To have proper facilities for all
  • To be helpful and diligent
  • To support the community
  • To help improve the local environment
  • To better our carbon footprint
  • To create and maintain a safe environment

The Marlands Shopping Centre is managed by Ellandi & Workman